Tips For Improving Your Stock Images

As a photographer, you know that the quality of your photos is what sells them. If people perceive your photos as beautiful, you can make a full time living selling the licensing to your stock images. Here are some of our best tips to help you take better photos so you can ultimately make more royalties.

People love simple. By getting rid of the clutter in your images, you can help people connect with your photography. Most of the people who are looking to purchase the rights to your images are companies. These companies are looking for a clear way to get their topics across to their audiences with simple to understand images. When there is a lot of clutter in the frame, it’s hard to get a clear purpose of the image. Different people will form various connections when it comes to a cluttered image. So, be sure to take a clear, simple shot so that all users can get the same understanding from your image as companies will be more likely to buy your stuff.

Realize that your stock images are going to be used for a lot of advertising. This means that advertisers most likely want to have some empty same in the frame to put their logo. Otherwise, it may be hard for the end-user to decipher the company’s logo from the actual image. You don’t always need to center your object in the middle of the frame. Simply offsetting the main object to the right or left will leave enough space for the advertiser to put their logo. This one tactic will help with selling a lot of image licensing for your photos.

You can’t satisfy everyone with one shot. To help get as many images sold as possible, take pictures from all different angles. It makes sense to take a variety of photos for the scene that you’ve set up. You went through all that effort to set up each object correctly, make use of it. Different businesses may seem your image and want a different vantage point. When you take multiple images of the same setup, you can please more people.

One mistake that a lot of new photographers make when selling their stock photography is not checking for imperfections. Sure, your image may look great at the pixels you currently have it. What will happen if you blow it up for a larger stock picture? Will it still look just as good? Sometimes you may find small imperfections at large sizes that can make your images unusable, and therefore unsellable. By checking ahead of time, you can correct these imperfections before posting your images for sale.

Improving the quality of your stock photography can mean a great income boost. One of the key things you need to keep in mind is that you should shop for your images from the eyes of the buyer. See what qualities are most important to them, then you can identify areas that you can improve on to get more overall sales for your business.